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 Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart

"We do not want sustainability, because that is not enough. We want real quality."

Michael Braungart

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Prof. Michael Braungart Recieves Honorary Degree from Hasselt University

On May 28, 2013 the Faculty of Engineering Techonology, Hasselt University, bestowed a doctor honoris causa upon Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart in recognition of his pioneering work in the development of Cradle to Cradle and his constant efforts for a green economy.

Current Events


Jahrestagung und Fachkonferenz Nachhaltigkeit GIRA Nürburgring

Michael Braungart will hold a speech about the Cradle to Cradle®, the design approach which promotes design for positive impact as opposed to reducing negative impact. Language: German. 


Sharing Copenhagen – Green Capital Days

As a keynote speaker Michael Braungart will introduce some perspectives on the question ‘Is Sustainability Enough – or Should We aim higher’. By critically questioning the present paradigms of sustainability and carbon neutrality as well as their implementation in cities, he will lay the foundation for a debate with Mayors from different European cities and the Director General of Environment.