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"We do not want sustainability, because that is not enough. We want real quality."

Michael Braungart



Current Events


Energize Festival 2015 – The Value of Waste, Groningen / Netherlands English

The theme for the upcoming edition of Energize Festival is ‘The Value of Waste’ and reflects on the attribution of value to waste; an attribution that may change as a material moves on in its lifecycle and may differ depending on who is attributing it. A question that will be central to this edition of the festival is whether or not waste even needs to exist if waste problems are considered as the problem of finding a new perspective on the material that makes it "valuable" again. Currently students, teachers, and several invited artists and designers are conducting research into a range of such new perspectives, the results of which will be exhibited and presented during the Energize Festival in June 2015. The best concept wins the "GasTerra Award", named after one of the festival's sponsors from energy sector in the region. Besides these presentations of new art and design work, the festival will also host a series of keynote presentation to spark debate on ‘The Value of Waste’. Prof. Michael Braungart will hold the keynote speech about the Cradle to Cradle Design Concept and the question of the value of waste.Language: English.


Green Building Council Conference, Vancouver

The Canada Green Building Council is a not-for-profit, national organization that has been working since 2002 to advance green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada. This year’s conference and expo with the theme "BUILDING LASTING CHANGE" focuses on the impacts of green buildings and connects sustainably-minded businesses, organizations, individuals and academic institutions, encouraging everyone to look beyond the day-to-day work. Prof. Braungart will open the conference as keynote speaker explaining how the Cradle to Cradle Design Concept is ideal for the build environment and how buildings could be like trees and cities like forests, beneficial to both humans and the environment. Language: English.