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"The need for true innovation has never been more profound then now. We are capable of creating high-quality circular alternatives which are beneficial for humans and nature. If the future can be positive, why choose differently?"

Michael Braungart


Current Events


Pulire, Verona, Italy

At Pulire, the international exhibition for the cleaning industry with 300 exhibitors from 21 nations, new innovative models for this sector will be discussed. Pioneers will present their best practices and products, which could pave the way for a real a paradigm shift.


Bremerhavener Wirtschaftsdialog, Bremerhaven

The Bremerhavener Wirtschaftsdialog took place for the first time in 2016 as part of the multi-day "SeeStadtFestes", an event with a maritime flair that made Bremerhaven an attractive destination for some hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Germany. During the Business Talk & Networking at the Deutsche Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven (DAH), various lectures with discussions focused on innovation are being held.


Sustainable Foods Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The aim of the Sustainable Foods Summit is to explore new horizons for eco-labels and sustainability in the food industry by discussing key industry issues. How do organic, fairtrade and other eco-labeling schemes foster sustainability? With growing proliferation in labels, what are the prospects for a single sustainability standard for food products? What advances are occurring in sustainable ingredients? What developments are happening in formulation, production and marketing of sustainable food and beverages?