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 Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart

"We do not want sustainability, because that is not enough. We want real quality."

Michael Braungart

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Current Events


Requirements for commercial and industrial areas of the future, Pforzheim

The Chamber of Commerce Northern (IHK Nordschwarzwald) developed a guide "Sustainable commercial and industrial areas of the future", so that wider environmental, social and qualitative criteria are taken into account in their development. These formulated requirements are the focus of the event. Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will give the introductory speech and explain how industrial areas can be reinvented using Cradle to Cradle principles. This method will not only prevent damage to the environment, but will be beneficial for humans and nature. Language: German.
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Cradle to Cradle Symposium - 45. Earth Day, Frankfurt-Main

This year Earth Day celebrates its 45th anniversary and they want to reach another milestone. For that reason, the theme for Earth Day 2015 is: Cradle to Cradle – Waste, never again. Today waste, tomorrow nutrients. For this particular topic Prof. Michael Braungart holds a lecture to encourage all Earth Day supporters and those who are interested to boost the C2C transformation globally.


taz.lab 2015 – Was wirklich zählt – der Gedöns-Kongress der taz, Berlin

Lightning Talk: Innovation instead of morality! - How intelligent design will get us out of the dead end

The taz.lab 2015 does away with the term "Gedöns” or “fuss” of former Chancellor Schröder and wants to find out what really matters. Prof. Michael Braungart is one of the inventors of "Cradle to Cradle", which is an innovative concept for product design and teaches us to think in cycles modeled by nature and not from the “cradle to grave”. He will explain at the Gedöns-Kongress of the taz in Berlin why efficiency is wrong; how products can become services; what politicians must do now. Language: German.

For Prof. Braungart is "What matters?" a silly question:
What matters is not really important, but destructive. The counting, measuring, comparing, causes discrimination, fear and aggression. Insecure people are greedy and hostile, especially to strangers. When people are unconditionally appreciated and respected, the poorest of the poor are generous, friendly and enjoy to share with others. We will then adapt by ourselves a more modest lifestyle that allows 10 billion humans and all other living creatures on this earth a good and decent life, because we are delighted that the others are also doing well.


Registry for Cradle to Cradle Inspired Elements for Building Development, Munich

The Registry for Cradle to Cradle Inspired Elements for Building Developments is an innovation platform featuring C2C inspired projects and building materials that celebrate positive footprints. It is developed by the fellowship at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Professors Michael Braungart and Werner Lang have created this partnership in order to promote the Cradle to Cradle® concept in the building industry.  The aim is to celebrate diversity and partnerships, as well as, to create an online community that shares beneficial ideas for the built environment.

Register now for this event and see the full agenda of the Registry for Cradle to Cradle Inspired Elements for Building Developments. Language: German.