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"The need for true innovation has never been more profound then now. We are capable of creating high-quality circular alternatives which are beneficial for humans and nature. If the future can be positive, why choose differently?"

Michael Braungart



 Winner of the Urban Mining Award 2015

During the 6th Urban Mining Congress in Dortmund on the 4th of November, Michael Braungart received the Urban Mining Award 2015.  The Urban Mining Award recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements towards the promotion and implementation of a consistent circular economy.


Current Events


Convention on Energy and Environment in Hamburg, Hamburg

"Energy revolution NOW!!" for us and future generations. Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart discusses possible solutions with "Cradle to Cradle - The design concept for a world with abundant energy." Language: German


09.12.15 ing.meet.ing #12, Bielefeld

A hope becomes reality: companies create products that don’t create waste. Buildings, t-shirts, carpets - their material can be recycled completely. The material flows of our markets move in a closed loop system accumulates no waste. Valuable materials circulate, which become new and therefore better products over and over again. Admission is free. Language: German